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January 6 1893/1993

Rush - David Angle, for many years a resident blacksmith at Rush 4 Corners, [or Angle's Corners], is soon to move to Vestal Centre for future residence. His son, James, who has been working with him for the last 20 years, will go to Camptown to reside at the same time.

Hallstead - Leon Schryver, who has for several years past been employed in the billiard parlors of Alex Ives, in Susquehanna, has opened a pool and billiard room in Hallstead.

Susquehanna - Public funerals, in cases where death occurs from contagious diseases, like diphtheria, are not permitted in places where the public health is looked after, as it should be. In this borough no attention is paid to the matter. The authorities should see about this matter. That it should be attended to is of the greatest importance.

Oakland - The skating on the river is grand and the young folks are enjoying it extremely well.

New Milford - Edgar Brooks left for Wesleyan University on Monday. Nabel Tucker for Wyoming Seminary.

Starrucca - B.Y. Laymon is the possessor of a fine roadster. Hey Ben!

Clifford - Mercury 4 degrees below zero on the morning of the 4th. The road from Clifford to Carbondale seems to be just as solid and smooth as a paved street. The greatest difficulty for travelers is to keep the caulke on horse’s shoes sharp enough for them to travel. AND Nearly all of our Clifford young ladies had a fine time on skates Saturday evening.

Birchardville - 0.S. Keeler and family are now moving from their home near this place to Montrose, he having bought a residence there. His place near here he offers for sale cheap and on long time if wanted. We have lost a good Democrat, and a good citizen, also a very fine family.

East Bridgewater - H.N. Tiffany, J.F. Eardner and A.F. Curtis went to Brooklyn last week to lay out a public road.

Upsonville - There was a wood bee on Franklin Hill last week, for the minister. Much lumber was cut and hauled to the manse, by D. Banker, for winter supply, and the friends showed practical Christianity by this work.

Brooklyn - The fiftieth anniversary of the wedding of Andrew Rogers and Elizabeth Babcock, was held at their house, in Brooklyn, Dec 31st. They were married Jan. 1, 1843 by the Rev. Erastus Smith. The New Year being on Sunday the gathering of friends was on Saturday. About ten o'clock a.m. the relatives and friends began to pour into the old home. Among the first was J.R. Ely, Sr., who is in his ninety-third year, with clear memory of the past. There were four children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild present. One grandchild and two great-grandchildren were absent.

Montrose - On Friday afternoon the Republican's local scribe enjoyed a ride in one of L.B. Pickett's patent gas pipe sleighs. This sleigh is fitted up with a set of springs, which break the force of the jar felt in an ordinary sleigh when it strikes a rut, and, so far as case is concerned, one could close his eyes and easily imagine himself at home sitting in a spring rocker. This is the second spring sleigh manufactured by Mr. Pickett, the first being owned by Hon. D.W. Searle. These sleighs are strong and durable, yet very light. The one above referred to was made for parties in Scranton, and was shipped to that city on Friday.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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