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February 8 1890/1990

Jackson - W.W. Pope has the old clock formerly owned by Maj. Joel Lamb [who came to Jackson in 1815] for which it is said he was offered $50, but declined to let it go for that money.

South Montrose - Eratus Lake is going to occupy the hotel at Dimock, having rented his place to John McKeeby.

Springville- A woman writes to the mayor of Philadelphia complaining that the streets are too clean. There isn’t enough dirt on the pavement, she says, to give the poor horse a secure foothold. It would do that philanthropic lady’s soul good to see what an excellent foothold is afforded the poor horses on our streets. The great trouble here is to make the foot-hold let go.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: The people of Brooklyn and Hop Bottom have subscribed nearly $12,000 on condition that the proposed Lackawanna and Montrose Railroad comes by way of Brooklyn. The census man: It will soon be time for the census enumerators to begin their work and then the smart individuals who get excited when asked a few civic questions, will find out how much better it is to be good natured. The law provides that the head of a family who refuses all proper information may be sued and fined $30. In the absence of the head of the family or any adult member thereof, an agent of the family "shall supply the required information," under similar penalty.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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