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February 5 1891/1991

News Briefs - Suggestion: Cannot Mr. Wanamaker, the Postmaster General, try the experiment of free delivery of mail matter in small towns and rural districts? The increased means of transportation and communication enjoyed by city population is a tremendous advantage over the country. Universal free delivery would not be as enormously expensive as some may imagine, for the messengers can be hired very cheaply in county districts.

Forest City- Davies Brothers have leased the old saw mill site, near the Clifford Breaker, and will erect a steam planing mill and put in machinery for dressing lumber of all kinds. A much needed enterprise.

Susquehanna - Seven years ago a Susquehanna man left his home to get a pail of water. Unto this day he has not returned. His wife is broken hearted over the loss of the pail, as it was a gift of a very dear friend.

Tunkhannock -An ice gorge is reported at Tunkhannock, 14 miles long and from 20 to 30 feet high at some places. The latest cold snap has frozen it solid and it is feared that the whole valley will be flooded if it doesn’t move pretty soon.

Jackson -Susquehanna people are enjoying the fine sleighing by visiting Jackson evenings, and staying until the wee small hours of the morning. Mrs. Stewart furnished supper for 89 one night and 100 the next. How is that for Jackson?

Gibson - The rag and wood bee for Mrs. Ellen Shepardson last Saturday was a success. Nineteen pounds of rags were sewed and 20 cords of wood were cut.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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