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February 27 1891/1991

Forest City - UPDATE, Billy McConell, the eloquent temperance orator, went on a "toot" it is reported, while laboring at Forest City. This is unfortunate, from every standpoint.

Harford - We so firmly believe that all travel and freight between the larger villages of Susquehanna County will be by electric power on rail in less than 30 years, that we have half a mind to say to our lawmakers at Harrisburg, "Hold on We don't need any expensive country roads."

Susquehanna - The snow has disappeared, but those harbingers of spring, the welcomed robin and the unwelcomed tramp, have come. To the bird we extend the freedom of the city, to the tramp, the attractions of the stone yard.

Rush - Chas. Davis has rented the building of Chester Haight, next to the wheelwright and blacksmith shop and will use it as a carpenter and shoe shop. He and his family will occupy the rooms to be vacated by Hugh Mulligan who will move into the house he purchased, now occupied by Mr. Davis.

Jackson - Frank Whitney is about to begin housekeeping on what is known as the Hopkins farm, and he says "without a bride." Rather lonely Frank

Herrick Centre - The Republicans of Herrick Centre, at their caucus, nominated Mrs. W.H. Fletcher and Mrs. Frank Lyon for school directors. Why not have the "petticoats" elected to fill some of the offices? Some of them are just as good as me ones that wear the breeches.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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