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February 23 1912/2012

Northern Electric Railway - The extension of the Northern Electric from Factoryville to Nicholson will be opened for traffic May 1. There is considerable work yet, but it is being rushed in order to be ready for the business that comes with the spring and summer. This seven--mile stretch of road to be opened will be an important link in the Scranton--Binghamton railway. It is likely that the next stretch of road taken up will be from Nicholson to Brooklyn, but some contend that work will be started from Binghamton end towards Hallstead. Nothing official has been given out regarding future work.

Oakland - A shooting accident occurred here Friday morning and as a result Ernest Gibson has a hole in his left hand. He was examining a revolver that “was not loaded” and the usual thing happened and the bullet went through Gibson’s hand.

Montrose - Most of our readers know something of the big amusement place in New York known as the Madison Square Garden, but not many are aware that a Montrose man is one of the owners. Geo. C. Comstock, whose summer home is on Lake Avenue, is one of 4 or 5 men who bargained for the Garden last summer and their intention was to tear down the building and erect a 25 story office building. But it is now announced that the Garden will be saved for another year. The old company, which controlled it ever since it was opened in 1890, recently turned it over to the Foreign and Domestic Company, which is composed of Olney & Comstock and three other owners. The structure will remain intact for at least a year, during which time it will be used as before, for amusement purposes.

Thompson - A D.&H. engine sideswiped another here on Monday, near a crossover, both locomotives being completely stripped. The engineers and firemen on both escaped injury.

Middletown Center - Rev. Hugh Jones lost a valuable horse last week.

Clifford - Mr. and Mrs. James Orr, of Forest City, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Homan, of Scranton, called on Undertaker Taylor one day last week.

Brooklyn - The numerous friends of Isaac VanAuken were sorry to hear that he had fallen off a load of straw, but will be glad to learn that in spite of his advanced age he is getting better rapidly. After surviving 60 years of wedded life, falling off a load of straw does not cut much ice.

New Milford - The town council has commenced blasting the ice in the creek, preparing for the spring flood. Owing to the long period of zero weather, the ice is of unusual thickness, and it is hoped that by breaking it up it will gradually go out without serious trouble.

South Montrose - The trunk slat factory is working 13 hours a day, and has a large number of orders ahead.

Hopbottom - About 30 boys and girls were entertained at the Foster House recently in honor of Master Freddie’s tenth birthday. A dainty supper was served. All report a delightful time.

Jessup Twp. - After March 1 the Prospect Hill line will be included with the Montrose exchange of the Commonwealth Telephone Co. as a free line to the subscribers. A toll of ten cents is being charged at present.

Susquehanna - The prettiest wedding of the season occurred at St. John’s church at four o’clock Tuesday afternoon when Anna Sullivan, of this place, became the bride of Harry McCoy, of Lanesboro. Father Broderick performed the ceremony. They will be at home to their friends after March 10.

Rush - Fay Rose, of LeRaysville, agent for self--heating sad irons, took orders for a large number through this vicinity this week. Lawton – Wm. Phillips, of the Haire House, has moved back to Dalton. The hotel and barn will be run by A. Packer the coming year.

South Ararat - Men are very busy drawing props, mine ties, lumber and sawdust from Finch’s mill. But there is no work this week; the severe cold weather freezes the water in the pipes making it impossible to carry on business until we have a change in the weather. ALSO Benjamin Smith and lady friend, from Gelatt, passed through this place on Thursday.

East Kingsley - E. E. Titus has a very intelligent and well trained dog. They can tie a letter on his neck, tell him to go to a friend’s house, near half a mile distant, and he will deliver it and bring one in return. ALSO LeGrand Williams, of Avon, NY, was calling on his old friends in this vicinity a few days last week. He will assume the position as manager of Mrs. Norris’ dairy farm, in Dimock [Woodbourne], the first of March.

Niven - It is rumored that Olin Stark has taken a bride. They will live in the Stephen’s house at the corners.

Choconut - Our school is progressing finely under the direction of Miss Nora McManus. Miss Lena Dunn is teaching in London Hollow.

Forest City - Mrs. F. M. Gardiner entertained a large party of ladies at a domino party at her home on Delaware St. ALSO Rev. E. G. White, rector of Christ Episcopal church, is at the head of the Boy Scout movement here. ALSO E. J. Wells has purchased the rectory property of Christ Episcopal church.

Jackson - While coasting near the school house last Tuesday, Geo. Renville had both bones broken in his leg. He was walking up the hill and was struck by a sled that was coming down.

Clifford Twp. by Jasper T. Jennings - Clifford village is a thriving little town pleasantly situated in a valley surrounded by hills and dates back to the early history of the township. Its early industries, such as tanneries, carding machines and fulling mills, for the manufacture of woolen cloth, and steam mills for the sawing if the timber, once so abundant in that section, have passed away, but the village still exists, with its stores, churches, school house and shops and the people continue prosperous and happy.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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