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February 23 1894/1994

Heart Lake - Harvey Griffing, of Heart Lake, called on us Tuesday. The outlook is bright for a lively season at that popular resort the coming summer. Mr. Griffing informed us that 43 carloads of ice were put up from the Lake Monday night. Mr. Griffing's son superintends the cutting of the ice.

Montrose - A.B. McCollum. Esq., who was on the Democratic ticket for Burgess, made a splendid run. The next highest on the Democratic ticket was M.S. Dessauer, for school director. It is not expected that the Democrats can win in this borough, but it don't hurt them to show their colors. AND Something should be done to stop so much fast driving [of sleighs and cutters] on South Main Street. Ladies out enjoying the sleighing are in constant danger of being run into by these reckless drivers.

Brooklyn - Doran Bro's, of Brooklyn, have purchased the stock of wagons and sleighs belonging to the T.E. Shadduck estate and will continue the business. Phillip Burbank will continue the business of manufacturing and repairing at Mr. Shadduck's old place of business. AND Our excellent sleighing and lovely moon light nights of last week, afforded great pleasure for the young people.

Lynn - Eggs 16-cents a dozen; butter 18-cents a pound; potatoes 50-cents a bushel, at the Lynn store.

Harford - The writer is in receipt of three copies of the "Seminary Operator” from Wyoming Seminary, where the paper is edited by the students. One contains a picture of the famous football team of '93, in which many boys of Susquehanna County played a prominent pan. The paper consists of editorials and essays worthy of the most careful perusal.

East New Milford - We had no mail Tuesday and Friday on account of the snow banks being too high for our stage driver.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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