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February 13 1891/1991

Franklin Forks - The last meeting of the Farmers' Alliance was called to order by the President Aaron Stockholm, and the minutes were read by the Secretary J.C. Wheaton, and approved. On motion the meeting was turned into a creamery meeting and the good people finally settled the creamery question, but they are a little in the soup over the $9 they sent to Harrisburg for their charter, and also over the $2 they sent to Iowa for another charter. They were a little more fortunate in securing the Iowa charter then the one from Harrisburg, but our people are a hard set to please and so they sent back the Western charter and wanted the $2 back, but did not get it all the same, and so will drape their hall in mourning till they get the $9 from Harrisburg.

Harford - J.T. Tiffany recently drove through town with a string of old-fashion bells around his black animal. He said a part were bells brought from Connecticut by Nathaniel and Sebra Jeffers when they came into this section in early years. The rest were brought by Thomas Tiffany, Jr. from Massachusetts. They could be plainly heard a half-mile.

Montrose - Mr. F.S. Peake, of Watertown, was here this week for the purpose of looking into the question of water works for Montrose.

Clifford - L.C. Greene, son of Arnold Greene, went West in 1876, leaving his home and friends to battle with fate. Having prospered, he is now visiting his friends and home here, accompanied by his amiable wife. They are residents of Oasis, Iowa.

Elk Lake - Thos. Hickey, of Milton, Iowa and Miss Lizzie Phelan, of Binghamton, were married on Wednesday, Feb 4. The ceremony was performed at the Auburn Catholic Church after which they returned to the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Jas. Hoag, where a large party had assembled to do honor to the occasion. We append a list of some of the presents: silver castor, Henry Phelan: silver cake basket. Miss Fannie Bennett; silver pickle castor, Robert and Mary Dunn; silver butter knife, Lizzie Dawson; sugar spoon, Mary Powers; toilet case, Mrs. Andrew Hoag; clock, the Misses Canton; hand-painted picture, Katie Dolan; pair hand-painted vases. Misses Annie and Mary Arnold; set glassware. Miss Annie Hoag; throw, for picture, Miss H. Howard; hand-painted banner, Miss Viola Sherwood; $5, Joe Phelan; $5, Frank Phelan; $5 Dan Phelan.

Susquehanna - A slander suit of formidable dimensions as regards the amount of damages claimed is on the slate here. Edward Williams, of Grand Street has brought suit against Warren W. Esterbrook, a neighbor, for $10,000 for words alleged to have been spoken by the latter against the character of the wife of the former

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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