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December 9 1892/1992

Susquehanna - This is somewhat strange. Mr. Watson Boyden, a soldier of the Army of the Potomac during the Rebellion, received last week from the Government $25, it being two months pay that he earned while in the service in 1861. He was in that year seized with typhoid fever and taken to a hospital where he remained for two months thereby missing his pay. When he came to be mustered out, by some mistake or other, the deficiency was not made good, and lately, being informed that he could still get it, made application to the war department, and as his claim was a just one, received the money. It had been due him for over 30 years. AND a handsome new writing desk, with advertisements of the principal business places, will be placed in the Hotel Langford in the near future.

Jackson - H.M. Benson, our oldest merchant, has been in business for 27 years; C.A. Delancey about 10 years; and O.L. Olin about three years. A drug store has been kept at "Roberts Brothers" for 20 years or more; there has been a hotel kept for 40 years at the Franklin House and some 25 years at the Central. The first store was kept by Nathaniel Hill in company with Warren M. Tingley, recently deceased, a son of the late Hon. Chas. Tingley, of Gibson. They for a time handled quite an amount of goods annually. Later James D. Hill was in trade and kept the post office. Some time after, the late Joseph Foster was in trade in the building now occupied by C.A. Delancy. The late Charles Estabrook was at one time in the building now occupied by O.L. Olin.

Harford - Edgar Van Loan was wounded at Gettysburg, in the dooryard of the Sherfy mansion. A few years ago he took dinner with the family.

Rush - George Pickett lost a new horse blanket on last Friday evening on the road between the house of Mr. Jack Pepper and his own. The finder will confer a great favor by returning it to Mr. Pickett. This makes the second new blanket he has lost or had stolen within a year

Lenoxville - Christmas will soon be here and where is our Christmas tree coming from. Now don't all speak at once.

Montrose - Wm. A. Greaves, portrait artist, of Warren, Pa., arrived in Montrose on Monday evening and spent most of Tuesday in retouching the oil portrait of Hon. Galusha A. Grow, which graces the alcove in the rear of the Judges bench at the Court House. Although the picture, as it was originally, was considered a striking likeness of Mr. Grow, the changes made by Mr. Greaves skillful brush render it still more lifelike. Mr. Greaves, for a few years past, has painted, by authority of the State, the pictures of Pennsylvania's Governors and Lieutenant Governors for the Governor's Room in the capitol building at Harrisburg. This was the reason the Legislature selected him to paint the pictures of ex Speakers Grow and Randall for the Speakers Room in the National Capitol at Washington

Clifford - Traveling from Clifford to Carbondale never was better. Farmers are taking advantage of the good roads, drawing beef and pork and produce to Scranton, and returning with coal.

Little Meadows - C.M. Parkers concert and convention troupe came here Nov 25th and held a concert in the M.E. Church, for the purpose of organizing a class in music. They were fine singers, but failing to find sufficient encouragement, left town.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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