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December 28 1906/2006

Montrose - Other than the services held in the Catholic and Episcopal church here on Christmas morning, and the merry festivities at the M.E. church at night, there was no outward demonstration of the fact that Tuesday was Christmas. The day was cold--intensely so, and it seemed like Sunday inasmuch as it was so very quiet. Most persons were content to spend the day at home, occupied in reading, writing and music, while some few went out of town to enter glad homes for the day. Others there whose hearts were saddened by the changes of the year, who in spirit trod the cold Judean hills to offer their gift of myrrh at the Bethlehem crib. We trust every home in this community felt the true spirit of Christmas. AND S. T. Flummerfelt's steady old grey horse, with which he has peddled milk so long, indulged in a short runaway last week. Everything is gay at holiday time.

Gibson - Greely Belcher, who is on his way home from the Klondyke, met with a street car accident while in San Francisco and is now in a hospital and expects to soon be able to resume his journey.

Silver Lake - Today was the work day of the season still the usual number attended church at St. Augustine's and one who attended St. Josephs' said he never saw a more crowded church, Christmas being the chief day of the year in that church.. Silver Lake Presbyterians held their Christmas exercises last Sunday. The church was prettily decorated and special new music rendered for the occasion. After the sermon the little ones were presented with candy, oranges, &c. to take to their homes. It was well for the little ones that the services were held Sunday, as all of the children live a mile or more from the church and would have been troubled to get there--those who had to walk could not have attended. The members of the Sabbath School presented the pastor with a gift to show that his efforts were appreciated.

Brookdale - Clark Stephens and wife, of Montrose, came over to visit their uncle, G. H. Brownson, December 23. Not finding them at home, they prepared themselves a dinner and getting comfortable and warm, returned home. They resolved to come again, soon.

Thompson - They had an old fashioned Christmas tree in the M.E. church Christmas eve.

Forest City - A remonstrance was circulated here against the granting of any new liquor licenses. There are a number of new applications. When Henry O'Neil got a license for a new place last year it set a lot of fellows' crazy for licenses.

Lynn - A. B. Sheldon's store building at Lynn was burned Monday night, being set by an oil stove in the cellar. AND Earl L. Very, of Fairdale, and Miss Sadie Rogers, of East Lynn, were married at the home of the bride, Wednesday at noon, Dec. 19th. After the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. J. W. Price, of Springville, more than 40 guests were present, mostly the near relatives of bride and groom, and sat down to a bountiful wedding dinner. There were useful presents including glass, linen, silverware, and a nice purse of money.

Springville - R. E. McMicken goes into the store with Stuart Riley as clerk. Mr. Riley is also putting up a building for salt storage.

Dundaff - A Dundaff man was fined $10 and costs for having his horse out in the cold on the street without food or water. There are some men in this part of the county who deserve the same treatment at the hands of the authorities.

Uniondale - It is early Christmas Eve--just before the stockings are hung, just before the trees are unloaded. The Eve before the anniversary of the Day of Days when the morning Stars sang the Birthday hymn of man's redeemer--just before the day that every loyal family should herald with gladness, the day when families should meet together when old feuds should be settled, and Peace and good will should predominate. AND George Esmay bought a horse of Stanley Norton, giving him in payment 246 chickens. Some of the fowl were blooded stock and cost Mr. E. $5 a piece. Mr. Norton sold the fowls to his son, Glen, for $125, and Glen is now coaxing them to lay while eggs are 36 cents per dozen.

M'Kinney Mills - Charles Morgan discovered a man in his chicken house one evening who, owing to the darkness, escaped, carrying with him one or two fowls. A night or two later, James Florance, who had a beef and a hog hanging near the house, heard some prowling around about 11 o'clock and when he opened the back door he heard them running away in the darkness. Farmers between here and Tingley have recently lost several fowls by chicken thieves until it has become a common occurrence.

New Milford - On Sunday, Dec. 16, in Elmwood, Neb., was born to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Stark, a son. Mrs. Stark was formerly Miss Howell, of New Milford. Her many friends send congratulations.

Elkdale - Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Stevens celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, Saturday. A number of their friends joined with them in celebrating the affair.

East Kingsley - (a poem) Where is East Kingsley? I hear you ask/ To tell you that will be no task,/Up east of Kingsley, a mile or two,/ A prosperous place for all to go./There's Jeffers farm very up-to-date,/As fine as any in the state./And E.M. Loomis who has a mill down town/He sells the best meal that was every known./Then there's W. Oakley who can doctor a cow/To cure them all he knows just how./There's Melvin Tingley over-seer of the poor/He will show all paupers to the poor house door./Also Mr. A.M. Tingley director of the school/To pay good wages is his rule/And we have a carpenter, W. Wilmarth, is his name/In building houses he wins great fame./ E.D. Tanner does the school children take,/In a covered wagon with a second-hand brake,/To the Harford High School away/Each fall and winters day/Down the street the telephone runs along/And you may call up your neighbor and sing him a song./Or tell him his cows are running loose/Or ask for the pattern of his new blouse./As yet we have no trolley car/But then the time may not be far,/When electric cars and lights we'll see/Then very popular we will be.

Our Warmest Wishes in this Holiday Season. The Staff and Board of Directors of the Susquehanna County Historical Society and Free Library Association

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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