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April 4 1890/1990

Brooklyn - Amos Mead, of Brooklyn, two years old laid eight rods of stonewall, 4-1/2 feet high, in January. That’s a remarkable record!

Hallstead - William J. Pike, Esq., of Hallstead has been promoted to the position of chief of one of the most important divisions in the Census Bureau at Washington. The advancement of Mr. Pike is a deserved recognition of the capability and efficient services of an esteemed citizen of Susquehanna County and we are pleased to note the fact. He has supervision of the tabulation of wealth, debt, mid taxation of towns and townships of the U.S., with a large number of clerks under him.

Oakley [Harford Twp.] - E.E. Tower has had the boundaries of Loomis Lake established. E.A. Weston [Brooklyn] doing the surveying.

Susquehanna - The big pipe organ which Frank Beman has been putting together in St. Johns Church was played upon for he first time Thursday, the 27th of March. Prof. Beman himself manipulating the keys. It is a superb instrument and will emit volumes of pleasing harmony on Easter Sunday. AND On the supposition that there will not be as much deviltry and rowdysim under the brilliant illumination of electric lights as there have been heretofore under the uncertain light of kerosene and tallow dips, the Common Council have concluded to dispense with the services of two patrolman on our streets. "The devil’s in the mood for mischief," and why not in electric light?

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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