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April 3 1891/1991

Lawsville – The "Red, White and Blue" supper, given under the auspices of the Ladies Ad on Thursday evening last, was a decided success financially and socially. The rooms were beautifully decorated with red, white and blue; the table was a marvelous display of elegance and culinary art; the dishes were red, white and blue; the waiters were dressed in national colors, and beautiful flowers were tastefully arranged; but the best feature of the table was the red, white and blue cake made by Miss Julie Law. Abundant provisions were served to 70. The quilt was sold to A.M. Bonne. The supper netted $9.

Jackson - W.W. Larrabee recently received 8,000 young trout from the state hatcheries, which he has distributed in the east and west branches of the Tunkhannock Creek and in the Canawacta and Drinker Creeks. Fishing in the above waters will be prohibited, by law, for three years.

Brooklyn - The administrator's sale of personal property of the Mary Mack estate was somewhat delayed by the ending of a will just as the sale was to commence.

Harford - Easter services at both churches last Sabbath mom and eve were fine. The programs were well rendered, and a large audience present. A beautiful day.

Rush - The barn on the Pepper farm came near being destroyed by a fire a few days ago, by the carelessness of boys smoking cigarettes; the litter was set on fire, and but for the timely arrival of Claude Otis the barn must have been consumed. It taxed all his powers to put out the fire.

Scranton - Two interesting little passengers were aboard the DL & W train yesterday morning. They were Ray and Rose Lord, aged respectively 6 and 5 years. On each was a tag showing their destination to be Montrose, South Dakota. They told the bystanders that their parents were dead and they were being sent west to relatives through the kindness of their neighbors in Norwich, Conn., from where they started. The little tots were presented with a liberal purse subscribed by the passengers and others who were standing about the platform.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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