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April 20 1894/1994

Thompson - An extensive milk depot is being built on the line of the railroad at this place. Mr. Saxton, the master builder on this division of the railroad, is superintending the work. No better man could be found for the place.

Montrose - An immense brown bear amused the boys on our streets on Wednesday. Bruin had in tow a couple of black bearded, strapping looking fellows, who condescended to pass the hat as their share of the work. Judging from Bruin's lank sides he gets out precious little of the proceeds of his labor.

Great Bend - Lute Buck, the well-known auctioneer of Great Bend, was a visitor at the county seat on Tuesday. As an auctioneer, Mr. Buck is hard to beat.

South Gibson - The stage driver from Susquehanna to South Gibson has a fine rig for the business, a good team and wagon with a cover mat shelters those that ride from the storm.

Harford - Everyone was surprised last Sunday morning as they came into the Congregational Church to see that we had no choir, every chair was empty. Soon the mystery was solved for we soon found they had gone to the gallery and were occupying the seats of those that sang in the good old Church ever since it was built until about twenty years ago. AND Farmers and other citizens whose names are not signed on the Harford petition against adulterated dairy products should inquire at the Post office for the same and give it their signatures.

North Jackson - The trout season opened on Monday. As is well known, the Canawacta, Tunkhannock and Drinker creeks were stocked with trout two years ago by the proper authorities and it will be unlawful to fish in these waters until the expiration of five years from the time of stocking. Parties living adjacent to these streams have taken precaution to warn fishermen of the existing law, which will be rigidly enforced.

Jackson - The trout fishing season is commenced and the fishermen are on the warpath and were on the move early Monday morning, armed and equipped. A big trout was taken out of W.W. Popes pond Tuesday by a boy, Frank Taxbox that was 14 inches long. It is a large fish to be captured by so small a fisherman.

South Gibson - Mr. John Lott and Miss Ella Manning were united in marriage at Binghamton April 11th. We extend congratulations.

Forest Lake Centre - Aunt Maria Tupper, who is so kindly cared for by Mrs. Ruth Ball, is suffering with erysipelas.

News Briefs: Farmers and others, who drive on the highways of this Commonwealth, should understand that the law now only recognizes the right of a bicyclist to travel the highways, but also gives him one half the road at all times. The driver of a vehicle has no more right to interfere with a bicyclist than he has to interfere with any person driving a horse attached to a vehicle. The sooner some people learn this fact, the less liable they will be to get into trouble.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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