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April 1 1892/1992

Harford - Edson M. Carpenter, M.D., is located in the surgical hospital of the Union Pacific, in the suburb of Denver, Colorado. He has twelve patients under his own care at the present time and has schooled himself to draw the surgeon's knife without a tremor. In a Fetter he speaks of a call from Arta Sweet and C.H, Johnston; the former a Harford boy in Denver; the latter our merchant, at present on a visit to the same place.

Rush - A "rag bee" at Mrs. A. Smith's Tuesday, March 22nd. Eight ladies sewed 27 pounds of carpet rags.

Clifford - Fast mails are a blessing. An important letter was sent from Clifford on the 25th and reached Carbondale on the 28th, a distance of 8 miles.

Springville- How Springville does improve. We can now boast of a steam mill. Don't you hear the whistle occasionally?

Union Dale - Prof. Larrabee will open a select school at his residence next week.

Auburn - Auburn Comers is a thriving place. It has 13 dwelling houses, 2 stores, 1 hotel, 1 blacksmith shop, 1 shoe shop, and 1 creamery.

Lenox - We think we are having pretty severe weather for spring, but A.L. Jeffers relates an experience that beats this. He says that in 1843, though January and February were nearly as warm and pleasant as June, snow began falling the first of March and to the best of his recollection it did not thaw enough to drip from the eaves during that month. He attended a funeral on the 11th of April and the snow was fully four feet deep on the level. There was no hay or grain in the country, as they did not have the more modem facilities for getting them from other parts; they were obliged to fell trees and let the cattle and sheep browse on the limbs. It has been fifty years the last day of this month since he moved onto the farm where he still resides and the Democrat has been his weekly visitor for the while half century.

Brant - The new chair factory is now in working order. The number employed is about 35, with the exception of having 75 workmen soon.

Forest City - Elk Creek Coal Co. will erect a breaker on the recently purchased property near that borough.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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