Silver Lake Township

At Silver Lake, Ca. 1912-1915
Julian Campbell Photograph

Bird's-Eye View of Quaker Lake
Julian Campbell Photograph



Silver Lake Presbyterian Church located on Rt. 4004, Laurel Lake, Brackney
St. Augustine's Catholic Church located on Church Rd., off Rt. 167 & Sweeney Rd.


The Church of Christ in Silver Lake and Choconut was organized Feb. 16, 1816, adhering to the Congregational or Presbyterian faith first established within its bounds. It ceased to exist in 1837. However, a new church was formed March 21, 1847 and a meetinghouse was built on the west bank of Mud Lake. On Nov. 27, 1847 the new church was incorporated with the name Presbyterian Congregation of Silver Lake.

The Brackney Methodist Episcopal Church - Meetings were held as early as 1831 and in 1846 a plain frame meetinghouse was built and dedicated in Feb. 1847. After the Civil War the building was moved and improved.

The Chapel of St. Augustine (Roman Catholic) was erected in 1871 and first occupied for service on Christmas day. This was the second chapel the Catholics have had in this township. The first was built on the head-waters of Ranney Creek. It was the first Roman Catholic Church in the county.


Brackney Cemetery, Rt. 4001
Gaige Family, private property
Laurel Lake Cemetery, Rt. 4004
Quaker Lake Cemetery, T808
St. Augustine's Cemetery, T782

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details

BLACK SMITH SHOPS (B.S. SH.) - (2) Town of Brackney (includes one for W. Frank); Dist. #10
CREEKS/BROOKS - Little Snake Creek - Town of Brackney, Dist. #3, Dist. #8; Choconut Creek, Dist. #6; Silver Creek - Dist. #10; Dist. #1; Dist. #9 GRIST MILLS (G. Mill) - Town of Brackney
HOTELS - Town of Brackney (D. Mahoney); Dist. #2; Dist. #3 (B.S. Gage) LAKES -  Cranberry Lake - Dist. #10; Mud Lake - Dist. #2 & Dist. #5; Quaker Lake - Dist. #3; Silver Lake - Dist. #10 PONDS - Mill Pond - Town of Brackney & Dist. #3; Meaker Pond - Dist. #11
POST OFFICES (P.O.) - Town of Brackney & Dist. #2 (Store & P. O.)
SAW MILLS (S.M. or S. MILL) - Town of Brackney Dist. #2; Dist. #8; Dist. #10 (E. Rose)
SCHOOLS - Dist. #1; Dist. #2; Dist. #3; Dist. #4; Dist. #5;Dist. #6; Dist. #7; Dist. #8; Dist. #9; Dist. #10; Dist. #11
WAGON SHOPS ( W. SH.) - Town of Brackney (S. R. Wilbur)


Cheese Factory, Dist. #3
Mill, Dist. #8 (E. Howard)
Tanneries, Town of Brackney & Dist. #8

Place Names, Old and New

Silver Lake Township was formed 27 Apr 1813. All of Silver Lake was at one time owned by Dr. Robert Rose (who purchased about 100,000 acres in 1809). He actively promoted Susquehanna County as a healthy place to live and is responsible for much of its early settlement. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Brackney, founded in 1848 by J.W. Brackney of Prattsville, NY, who started a large tannery which employed a community of laborers whose dwellings formed the village. Post office; pop. 75 in 1900.

Britannia. Circa 1818, 1819, a group of British immigrants purchased some land from Dr. Rose with the purpose of establishing a town, which they named "Britannia." In 1819, it became the home of the British Emigrant Society. Most of the British sellers stayed only a year or two and then left the area; a few remained permanently, but the name Britannia was not retained.

Laurel Lake, originally called "Tenbury Lake" and then "Mud Lake." When it was called Tenbury Lake, it was part of "Britannia." When it was called Mud Lake, a post office was established. On 13 Jul 1903 the name of the post office was changed to Laurel Lake. The post office closed 30 Oct 1915 (mail routed through Brackney P.O.).

Quaker Lake. In the summer of 1809 a number of Quakers from Duanesburg, NY, settled on the shores of this lake. Alpheus Finch built the first house on the east side of Quaker Lake, and Philip Griffith built the second house, on the south side. As there was as yet no saw mill in the area, the logs for these houses had to be split.

Richmond Hill, former post office, closed 31 Aug 1908 (mail routed through Silver Lake P.O.); pop. 25 in 1900.

Sheldon, former post office, closed 16 Jun 1900 (mail routed through Silver Lake P.O.); pop. 40 in 1900.

Silver Lake, former post office, closed 15 Jul, 1916 (mail routed through Friendsville P.O.); pop. 125 in 1900.

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