Oakland Township

Isaac Hale's House, Built by Joe Smith,
Founder of the Mormon Religion
Oakland Township

Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood
May 15, 1829 near Harmony, PA.
Monument depicting
Joseph Smith, John the Baptist and Oliver Cowdery.



Brushville Baptist Church located on Rt. 1021

Locust Hill Bible Church located at RD2, Susquehanna


The Mormon religion had its start in Oakland Township. Joseph Smith lived in Oakland Township and married Emma Hale.

The Trinity Church of the Evangelical Association of North America was organized in 1880 and is commonly known as the German Church. In 1881 a church was erected.


Maple Ridge Cemetery, Brushville

McKune Cemetery, Rt. 171 from Hallstead to Oakland. Latter Day Saints Monument is located in this cemetery.

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details

CREEKS/BROOKS - Bear Creek - Dist. #1 & Independent Dist.; Drinkers Creek, Dist. #4 & Susq. Depot Dist. Hail Spring Brook, Dist. #6; Lewis Creek, Dist. #7
GRIST MILLS (G. Mill) - Dist. #3 (Saw & Grist Mill)
SAW MILLS (S.M. or S. MILL) - (2) Dist. #3 (one saw & grist mill)
STEAM SAW MILLS - Dist. #7 (G. A. B.)
SCHOOLS - Dist. #1; Dist. #3; Dist. #4; Dist. #5; Dist. #6;Dist. #7


Bald Hill, Dist. #3
Brickyard, Dist. #7
Brushville, Dist. #3
Foundation of First Morman Temple, Dist. #6
Jameson Hollow, Dist. #7
Oquago Mtn., Dist. #6
Panther Hill, Dist. #3
Railroads - Erie R. R. - Dist. #5, Independent Dist. Susquehanna Depot P. O. Dist.
Sash & Blind Factory, Independent Dist.
Susquehanna Mills, Independent Dist.
Susquehanna River, Independent Dist., Susq. Depot P. O. Dist., Dist. #1, Dist. #3, Dist. #5, Dist. #7
Turkey Hill, Dist. #7

Place Names, Old and New

Oakland Township was formed on 3 Dec 1853. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Brushville, neighborhood about 2 miles south of Susquehanna Depot.

Oakland, originally called North or West Susquehanna and then Oakland Village. Incorporated from Oakland Twp. as a borough 14 Nov 1883. Most residents at that time were employees of the Erie Railroad. Harvey Holdridge of Albany Co., NY, came in 1866. He was one of the first businessmen, founding Holdridge Mills, which manufactured winow sashes, blinds, and doors and did planing and matching of lumber and grinding of grain. Pop. approx 1,000 in both 1887 and 1900.

Starrucca Viaduct, a bridge built by the New York, Lake Erie, and Western Railroad that spans the Starrucca Creek near where it empties into the Susquehanna River. Built in 1846-1847, it is 1,200 ft long and 98 ft high, and it has 17 symmetric arches.

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