Herrick Township

Herrick School, Herrick Center, Circa 1920

View of Herrick Center, PA ca. 1910 - 1915



Herrick Center Baptist Church located on Rt. 374
Lyons Street Methodist Church - vacant located on Rt. 2027
United Methodist Church located on Rt. 2040 in Uniondale
First Presbyterian Church (vacant) located in Uniondale


The Lyon Street Free-Will Baptist Church was built in 1852.

The Herrick Regular Baptist Church was organized in the western part of the township June 11, 1834 and disbanded July 13, 1851.

The Uniondale Presbyterian Church. Meetings held as early as 1812 and members attended the Congregational Church at Mt. Pleasant until 1833 to form the above church.The first house of worship was built in 1835 and replaced with a newer edifice in 1868.

The Uniondale Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the fall of 1876. The old schoolhouse was moved and repaired as a house of worship in 1878 and dedicated in 1879. The church became an incorporated body in 1884.

The Free Methodist Church of Uniondale was built in 1878.



Cable Cemetery, Uniondale Borough
Churchill or Sanders Cemetery, Rt. 2023, .6 mi. from Herrick Center Cem., private prop.
Lyon Farm, private property
Lyon Street Cemetery, Lyons St. Rt. 0374
Meyers Cemetery, Herrick Centre, Rt.2023
Old Colonial Mausoleum, Rt. 171, Uniondale Borough
Sherwood Maple Grove, West Herrick (exact location not known)
Uniondale or Rounds Cemetery, Rt. 171, Uniondale Borough

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details.

B. SHOPS (B.S. SH.)- Town of Herrick; Barnes Dist; Dart Dist,; Herrick Center P.O. Dist.
CREEKS/BROOKS - Lackawanna Creek (West Branch- incorrectly named as East Branch) - Uniondale P.O. Dist.; Herrick Center P.O. Dist., Barnes Dist.
GRISTMILLS - (G. Mill)- Town of Union Dale (W. W. Bronson & Co.)
HOTELS - Meyers House (J. M. Meyers), Town of Herrick ; Boarding House, Town of Herrick; Herrick House, (G.W. Potter), Town of Herrick
LAKES - Fiddle Lake, in Ararat Twp., opposite Dimock corners Dist., Herrick Twp.; Lewis Lake, Union Dale P.O. Dist.; Low Lake, Dimock Corners Dist.
POST OFFICES (P.O.) - Town of Herrick (Store & P.O.)
SAW MILLS (S.M. OR S. MILL) - Barnes Dist.; (Z.K. Dunn); (2) Herrick Center P.O. Dist.; (Howell Baird & Co.); Union Dale P.O. Dist.; Town of Union Dale (Turnings and S. Mill- Ellis &Westgate)
SCHOOLS - Town of Herrick; Dimock Corners Dist.; Barnes Dist.; Lyons Dist.; Bunnell Dist.; Union Dale P.O. Dist.; Dart Dist.
STORES - Town of Union Dale; Town of Herrick (Store & P.O.)
WAGON SHOPS (W. SH.) - Town of Union Dale (Norton Bros.); Town of Herrick (Store & P.O.)


Cabt. Sh., Town of Herrick
Feed Mill & Sh., Herrick Center P.O. Dist.
Justice Office, Town of Union Dale
Railroad - Jefferson Branch, Erie R. R., Town of Herrick (Depot); Town of Union Dale (Depot); Barnes Dist.; Herrick Center P.O. Dist. (Depot); Union Dale P. O. Dist.
S. Sh., Town of Herrick
Scales, Town of Herrick
Tannery ( includes Bark Ho. & Furnace), Town of Herrick
Tenant Houses (three locations), Town of Herrick
Turnings and S. Mill (Ellis & Westgate), Town of Union Dale

Place Names,Old and New

Herrick Township was formed on 20 Apr 1825. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Dimock Corners, former hamlet. The area was first settled by John Kent. A tavern was built there by his brother Abel Kent in 1798. In 1811, Asa Dimock moved there (at the intersection of the Newburgh and Wilkes-Barre turnpikes) with his family, and the neighborhood became knowns as "Dimock Corners." A post office, called "Dimockville," existed there from 31 Jan 1826 to 3 Jun 1846.

Elk Hill (southeast corner of the twp); location of Elk Mountain Ski Resort.

Herrick Centre, former post office; former railroad station, telegraph station, and express office; pop. 410 in 1900.

Tirzah, former post office, closed 30 Aug 1909 (mail routed through Union Dale P.O.).

Tresco, former post office, closed 30 Jun 1909 (mail routed through Union Dale P.O.).

Uniondale, post office; former railroad station, telegraph station, and express office. Incorporated as a borough 12 Jan 1885. Pop. 351 in 1900.

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