Harmony Township

Brandt, From the East

Free Methodist Chapel - Melrose



Bethel Hill United Methodist Church - vacant located on Rt. 171
Brandt Presbyterian Church - vacant located in the village of Brandt
Stevens Point United Methodist Church located on Rt. 1011


The Harmony Presbyterian Church at Brandt &endash; The church was built in 1874 and dedicated January 20, 1875.

Churches in the Borough of Susquehanna

First Baptist Church located at 312 Jackson St.
Christ Episcopal Church located at 302 W. Main St.
United Methodist Church located on Main St.
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church located on Jackson St.
Susquehanna Presbyterian Church (Destroyed by fire Dec. 19, 1971)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located on Front St., (Starrucca House).


The Catholic Church of Susquehanna [St. John's]. A frame church was erected in 1853. A larger church was built and dedicated November 7, 1880.

The Presbyterian Church was organized in 1851 and the church edifice was dedicated in August of 1853.

The Methodist Episcopal Church. In July, 1851, Susquehanna was made a mission in connection with Lanesboro by the Methodist Conference. The church was completed in 1852.

Churches in Lanesboro Borough

Lanesboro Community Church United Presbyterian located in Lanesboro


The Methodist Episcopal Church meetings were held in homes and in 1812 a class was formed. In 1834 the church at Lanesboro was erected. Three churches are served on the charge: Lanesboro, Bethel Hill and Stevens' Point.

The Catholic Church was organized in 1847 in Lanesboro. It was removed to Susquehanna in 1858.


Brandt Cemetery, Brandt, Pa.
Evergreen Cemetery, Turnpike Street, Susquehanna Borough
Grand Street Cemetery, Grand St., Susquehanna Borough
Kirk Family, private prop., Rt. 171 above Comfort Lake, just before turn to Stevens Point
Lanesboro Cemetery, Lanesboro
St. John's Cemetery, Church Street, Susquehanna Borough
Stevens Point Cemetery, 1057S, off 1009S

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details

BLACK SMITH SHOPS- Town of Starrucca Bridge; Town of Harmony Centre; Dist. #5; Dist. #8
CREEKS/BROOKS - Big Roaring Brook, Dist. #5; Canawacta Creek, Dist. #1 & Dist. #7; East & South Branch of Canawacta Creek, Dist. #7; Cascade Creek, Dist. #8; Little Roaring Brook, Town of Harmony Centre, Dist. #4; Dist. #3; Dist. #5; Starrucca Creek, Town of Starrucca Bridge; Town of Harmony Centre, Dist. #2; Dist. #4; Dist. #5; Dist. #6
GRIST MILLS -  Dist. #5
PONDS - Comforts Pond, Dist. #7
SAW MILLS (S.M. or S. MILL) - Town of Starrucca Bridge, Town of Harmony Centre (B. H. W.), Dist. #2; (3) Dist. #5, S. H. Barnes; (2) Dist. #6; (2) Dist. #7, E. Thomas & M. V. Norton
STEAM SAW MILLS - (2) Dist. #2
SCHOOLS - Town of Starrucca Bridge; Town of Harmony Centre; Dist. #2; Dist. #3; Dist. #5; Dist. #6; Dist. #7; Dist. #8; also in Oakland Twp., opposite Dist. #2, Harmony Twp.
STORES - Town of Harmony Centre; Town of Starrucca Bridge; Dist. #5


Acid Factory, Dist. #4
Bridges - Cascade Bridge - Dist. #8; Starrucca Bridge - Town of Starrucca Bridge
Chair Factory, Town of Harmony Centre
Ferry, Dist. #8
Junction of Erie & Jefferson R.R., Dist. #1 & Junction of Jefferson & Lackawanna & Susq. R.R., Dist. #4
Newman Hill, Dist. #3
Pig Pen Run, Dist. #2 & Dist. #4
Prospect Hill, Dist. #3
Raceway, Town of Starrucca Bridge
Railroads - Erie R.R. - Town of Starrucca Bridge, Dist. #1, Dist. #2, Dist. #8; Jefferson R.R. - Town of Harmony Centre (and Depot), Town of Starrucca Bridge, Dist. #1; Dist. #2; Dist. #4; Dist. #5, Dist. #6; Lackawanna & Susq. R.R. - Town of Starrucca Bridge, Dist. #2; Dist. #4; Dist. #5; Dist. #8
Rocky Ridge, Dist. #8
Shoe Sh., Dist. #6
Stevens Point, Dist. #5
Susquehanna River, Dist. #1, Dist. #2, Dist. #8
Tanneries - Town of Harmony Centre; Town of Starrucca Bridge; Dist. #2

Place and Names, Old and New

Harmony Township was formed in 1809. "Harmony" was the name given, in 1789, to the first settlement in the area where Cascade Creek emptied into the Susquehanna River. When organized 1809, the township took the name of this settlement. The settlement was established by Samuel Stanton, of Mt. Pleasant, Wayne Co., PA, as the terminus of a road he and others helped build between the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers. Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, lived in Harmony Twp. while he translated the "Golden Tablets." He married a local girl, Emma Hale, daughter of Isaac Hale. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Bethel Hill, neighborhood on the north side of Comfort Pond. Site of a Methodist Episcopal Church. Name of the area's school district.

Brandt, hamlet on the Starrucca Creek, about 2 miles above the Starrucca Viaduct. It was originally called "Harmony Centre" until renamed in honor of Henry William Brandt. Brandt, born in Hanover, Germany, was a prominent business man in the township. The Jefferson Branch of the Erie Railroad also had a depot here. The post office, established in 1869, was called Harmony Centre until 1875, when it was changed to Brandt. The post office closed 15 Sep 1932. Pop. 300 in 1900.

Cascade Creek, empties into the Susquehanna River about three-fourths of a mile below the New York state border. In 1789, at the mouth of the creek, Samuel Preston of Wayne Co. began construction on a turnpike that eventually connected to Stockport on the Delaware River. A short ways up the creek is a waterfall, and Native American relics have been found in the vicinity.

Harmony Center, first name of the post office established at Brandt in 1869; it was changed to "Brandt" in 1875.

Jefferson Station, former railroad station just outside the village of Starrucca. While the village is located in Wayne Co., PA, the station was in Susquehanna Co.

Lanesboro, post office; former railroad station, telegraph station, and express office. Incorporated as a borough on 14 Aug 1889. Pop. 821 in 1900. Lanesboro was first called "Lanesville," as named by Martin Lane; his son, Jesse Lane, changed it to "Lanesboro." The post office was established in 1820 as Lanesville; the name was changed to Lanesboro in 1829.

Melrose, former post office; former railroad station.

Stevens Point, former post office, closed 15 Feb 1934 (mail routed through Susquehanna Depot P.O.); former train station; pop. 150 in 1900

Susquehanna Depot, incorporated from Harmony Twp. as a borough 19 Aug 1853. Although the first clearing in this area was made in the late 1700s, it wasn't until 1846, when the Erie Railroad broke ground for its depot and shops, that it became densely populated. The shops covered 8 acres and in 1887 could turn out five locomotives per month. Susquehanna has also been called a "City of Stairs" because its location on two hills that rise sharply from the Susquehanna River caused numerous stairways to be built throughout the town. Pop. 3,818 in 1900.

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