Harford Township

Main Street, Kingsley, PA

Martin's Creek Viaduct
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Harford First Congregational Church Located on Rt. 0547
Kingsley Methodist Church located in Kingsley Rt. 2024
Kingsley Community Church located on Main St., Kingsley
Sweet's Chapel - vacant located on Rt. 2061


Harford Congregational Church -The first Congregational sermons were preached as early as 1794 by Rev. Daniel Buck and a church was organized June 15, 1800 and in 1806 a small church was erected. The present church was commenced in 1822 and completed several years afterward. The lecture room was built in 1844 and opened for worship in 1845. In 1851 extensive changes were made to the church.

Harford Methodist Church - A class was organized about 1841. The church was erected in 1844.


Harford Congregational Church, Rt. 2063

Maplewood Cemetery, T579, off 106E

Peck Cemetery, 2063 south of Harford

South Harford Cemetery, 2063 near Lenox border

Wilmarth Cemetery, T579, off 106E

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details.

CREEKS/BROOKS - Butler Creek - Dist. #6, 7, & Dist. #8; Martins Creek & East Branch Martins Creek - Dist. #2, unnamed dist. between Dist. #2 & Dist. #10; Partner's Creek - Dist. #5 & Dist. #8, Dist. #10 & Montrose Depot
HOTELS - Harford Ho. - Dist. #5; Boarding Ho., - Montrose Depot P. O. Dist.
LAKES - Blanding Lake, Dist. #6 & Dist. #11; Lower Lake , Dist. #2 Middle Lake, Dist. #2; Tingley Lake, Dist. #4; Tyler Lake Dist. #5
SAW MILLS (S.M. or S. MILL) - Dist. #4, (2) Dist. #5, (2) Dist. #8
SCHOOLS - Soldier's Orphan School, Dist. #1; Dist. #2; Dist. #3; Dist. #4; Dist. #6; Dist. #7; Dist. #8; Dist. #9; Dist. #10; Dist. #11


Feed Mill, Dist. #2
Harford Fair Grounds, Dist. #5
Mill, Dist. #5
Railroad - D. L. & W., Montrose Depot. P. O. Dist. (R. R. Station), Dist. #2; unnamed dist. between Dist. #2 & Dist. #10, Dist. #10 (R. R. Station)
Shingle Mill, Dist. #9 (A Tingley)
Springs - (2) Dist. #1 (includes Nine Partner Spring); Dist. #2; Water Tank, Montrose Depot P. O. Dist.

Place Names, Old and New

Harford Township was formed during the January Session (of the Court of Quarter Sessions) in 1813. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Alford, formerly called Montrose Depot. A post office was established in the name of Montrose Depot on 11 Mar 1852. Because railroad passengers and shippers thought the stop was in the town of Montrose, there was much confusion. In March 1877 the name was changed to get rid of the confusion. The name "Alford" was suggested by Hattie Tiffany in honor of her paternal grandfather, Alford Tiffany. The post office was closed 15 Dec 1944 (mail routed through Kingsley P.O.). Former railroad station, telegraph station, and express office. Pop. 75 in 1900.

Harford, village, post office. Residents attempted to have it incorporated as a borough in early 1865, but the petition was denied by the Court of Quarter Sessions. Pop. 200 in 1900.

Harford Soldiers' Orphan School, opened in November 1865 on the former Franklin Academy campus, it was to house and school the destitute children of Civil War veterans, both dead and alive. It was one of 44 such facilities in Pennsylvania and was open until 1902. One of the buildings is still standing. It is the home of the Harford Historical Society.

Kingsley, post office; former DL&W railroad station, telegraph station, and express office; pop. 75 in 1900. Names for Rufus Kingsley, a Revolutionary War veteran and first settler.

Oakley, former post office, closed 30 Jul 1904 (mail routed through Hop Bottom P.O.); former train station; pop. 78 in 1900.

West Harford, former post office.

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