Gibson Township

Gibson House ca. 1910

Main Street, Gibson ca. 1910



Gibson United Methodist Church located on Rt. 0547
South Gibson United Methodist Church located on Rt. 2067 & Rt. 92
Gelatt United Methodist Church - vacant church located on Rt. 2046
Gibson Universalist Church - no building
Union Hill Presbyterian Church - no building


The Gibson Congregational Presbyterian Church was organized Nov. 20, 1818. Meetinghouse built in 1824 and the church was incorporated in 1834. The church government was changed to Presbyterian in 1833. A new church, the Union Hill Church, was dedicated July 7, 1869.

Kennedy Hill and Burrows' Hollow [Gibson] Methodist Church &endash; First class organized about 1812-13 and thereafter in homes and schoolhouse until the first church was erected on Kennedy Hill in 1837. In 1868-69 this church was sold to the South Gibson charge and it was removed to that place and the church at Burrows' Hollow was erected

The Baptists organized early but never built a church.

The Universalist Church was built in 1840. By 1887 only occasional preaching.

East Gibson Baptist Church [at Smiley Hollow] Preaching as early as 1852 and in 1856 recognized as an independent church. Moved to Barnes' Hill where they continued until the final dissolution of the church.

An Old-School Baptist Church was organized about 1824 near Gelatt. Not much is known about the church.

South Gibson Free Will Baptist Church was organized November 24, 1887. A church was never built but worshipped in the schoolhouse. Owing to dissensions the organization went down.

South Gibson Methodist Church. A class was first organized about 1838 in the schoolhouse and the first church was built in 1840 and dedicated in January of 1841. The second church was erected in 1869-70 and dedicated in June 1870.


Baldwin Family - Gelatt
Edmund Burdick Farm - Gelatt, 2 1/2 mi NE of S. Gibson, private property
Gelatt Cemetery - Gelatt, 2046, off 92
Gibson Cemetery - Gibson, Rt. 558
Hazard Powers Cemetery - private property
Manzer Cemetery, Rt. 92, South Gibson
Potter Cemetery, private property
Resseguie Cemetery, South Gibson, private property
Smiley Hollow or Milliken Cemetery, Rt. 2034 off 92
South Gibson Cemetery - Route 92, South Gibson
Tarbox Cemetery, near Grange Hall, Rt. 92, Gelatt
Union Hill Cemetery - 3/4 mi. north of 5 corners, Gibson Twp.

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details.

BLACK SMITH SHOPS- Dist. #2 & Dist. #4 (S. R. H.)
CREEKS/BROOKS - Jay's Creek & Van Winkles Branch, Dist. #1; Tunkhannock Creek, Dist. #4
GRIST MILLS - Dist. #1
HOTELS -  Dist. #4 (S. R. Holmes)
LAKES -  Stearns Lake, Dist. #3; Willis Lake, Dist. #11
POST OFFICES - Dist. #4 (Store & P.O. - Milliken & Smiley)
SAW MILLS (S.M. or S. MILL) - Dist. #1 & Dist. #9 (S. Mill & Cab. Sh.)
SCHOOLS - Dist. #1; Dist. #2; Dist. #3; Dist. #4; Dist. #5; Dist. #6; Dist. #7; Dist. #8; Dist. #9; Dist. #10; Dist. #11; Dist. #12
STORES - Dist. #4 (Store & P.O. - Milliken & Smiley)
WAGON SHOPS - Dist. #12


Cab. Sh., Dist. #9 (Cab. Sh. & Saw Mill)
Cider Mill, Dist. #10
Furniture Manf., Dist. #3 (W.D. Eymer)
Kennedy Hill, Dist. #2
Shop, Dist. #6
Wood Mill, Dist. #11
Wollen Fact., Dist. #10 (W.H. & E.P. Pope)
Wollen Mill, Dist. #4 (W.W. Pope)

Place Names, Old and New

Gibson Township was formed on 24 Nov 1813 and named after Hon. John B. Gibson, a president judge of the district. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Burrows' Hollow, hamlet (present-day town of Gibson) located on Butler Creek and the old Newburg turnpike, near the northwest corner of the twp. When a post office was established in Burrows' Hollow, it was named "Gibson."

Gelatt, also called "Gelatt Hollow," hamlet 1.5 miles up the Tunkhannock Creek from Smiley, near the northeast corner of the twp. Settled between 1809 and 1812 by George Gelatt, Sr., and his family. Former post office, closed 4 Apr 1969 (mail routed through Thompson P.O.); pop. 150 in 1900.

Kennedy Hill, hamlet at the summit of the ridge between the Tunkhannock Creek and Butler Creek, in the north central part of the twp.

Kentuckyville, former post office (est. in the summer of 1832); also called Kentuck Corners; area in the western part of the twp. named by a Kentucky hunter who passed through the area and noted their similarities. In the early 1800s this area was also called "Five Partners," in reference to and to distinguish it from "Nine Partners," both being at one time within the limits of Harford twp.

Parma, former post office, closed 31 Aug 1909 (mail routed through Union Dale P.O.).

Smiley, hamlet located 4 miles southeast of Burrows' Hollow on the old Newburg turnpike at the Tunkhannock Creek; former post office.

South Gibson, hamlet, located 4 miles down the Tunkhannock Creek from Smiley; former post office; pop. 175 in 1900.

Union Hill, neighborhood, including Union Hill Church and a cemetery. John Belcher was probably the first settler, in 1794. Also early called "Toad Hill."

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