Dimock Township


Cope's Pond, Dimock, PA ca. 1915

Elk Lake



Dimock Baptist Church located on Rt. 2024
Dimock Community Methodist Church located on 3023E
Elk Lake Community Church located on 3023W
Meshoppen Creek Baptist Church (Daniel Myers Farm) vacant located on Rt. 2053
Dimock Camp Meeting located on Rt. 3023W


Dimock Baptist Church was organized June 3, 1834. In 1851 the church building was completed.

The Presbyterian Church of Dimock was organized Sept. 16, 1854; incorporated April 16, 1855. The church was built in 1871.

Methodist meetings were held early but no house of worship was built. Meetings were held in the Presbyterian Church Literary Academy Building.

Elk Lake Church. From July 1876 on meetings were held in the school house and they belong to the Rush circuit.

Wyalusing Camp-Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated Aug. 15, 1877. Grounds were located in 1875 and consist of 32 acres.



Burdick Cemetery, T384
Dimock Cemetery, Rt. 3023E
Lathrop Cemetery, Elk Lake, private property
Meshoppen Creek Road or Rosencranz Cemetery, Rt. 2053
Tyler Cemetery, T435
Young Cemetery, Elk Lake, Rt. 3010

Building and Geographic Information According to the 1872 Beers' Atlas of Susquehanna County. To obtain copies of maps e-mail us for details.

B. SHOPS - Town of Park Vale
BLACK SMITH SHOPS (B.S. SH.)- Town of Dimock (C.C. Mills), Dist. #2 (Fargo), Dist. #2
CREEKS/BROOKS - Meshoppen - Dist. #5 & Dist. #7
GRIST MILLS (G. Mill) - Dist. #1, Dist. #2 , Town of Park Vale, also one in Brooklyn Twp., opposite Dist. #7, Dimock Twp.
HOTELS - (2) Town of Dimock (Lewis Est. & T. B. Williams)
LAKES - Elk Lakes - Dist. #2
PONDS - Dist. #1; Dist. #2; Dist. #4; (Park's Pond) Dist. #5; (3) Dist. #8; Dist. #9
POST OFFICES ( P. O.) - Town of Dimock ( Store & P. O . - L. H. Woodruff ), Dist. #2 ( Store & P. O . - Geo. Steve ns)
SAW MILLS (S.M. or S. MILL) - (2) Dist. #1, Dist. #2; Dist. #3; Dist. #4; Dist. #7; Town of Park Vale
SCHOOLS - Town of Dimock; Town of Parke Vale, Dist. #1; Dist. #2; Dist. #3; Dist. #4; Dist. #5; Dist. #6; Dist. #7; Dist. #8; Dist. #9; (2) Dist. #10; Dist. #11; also Woodruff Academy, Town of Dimock
STORES - Town of Dimock ( Store & P. O. - L. H. Woodruff); Dist. #2 (Store & P. O. - George Stevens); Town of Dimock ( W. H. Thayer)
WAGON SHOPS (W. SH.) - Town of Dimmock (C. C. Mills)


Carpenter Shop, Town of Dimock
S. Sh., Dist. #9
Spring, Dist. #10
Turnpike, Owego Turnpike? (Records show the Wilkes Barre - Bridgewater Turnpike); Dist. #11, #8, & unnamed dist bordered by Bridgewater Twp.

Place Names, Old and New

Dimock Township was formed during the December Session (of the Court of Quarter Sessions) in 1832 and named in honor of Elder Davis Dimock. For further information, see also Township Incorporations.

Dimock, post office, former express office; pop. 100 in 1900

Elk Lake, also called Lathrop's Lake in the early 1800s; former post office, closed 31 Oct 1917 (mail routed through South Montrose P.O.); pop. 100 in 1900.

Louden Hill, neighborhood named after a business there, Louden Hill Farm, which was owned by Garden State Farms, Inc. At one time there were over 120 Louden Hill stores, later sold to Turkey Hill. Louden his Farm was one of the sources of the products (milk, eggs, etc.) sold in the stores.

Parkvale, area in the southeastern part that was originally part of a 10,000 acre tract in Dimock and Springville twps. owned by Thomas Parke. Thomas Parke came from Rhode Island in 1796. The area where Parke built his residence became known as Parkvale.

Tyler, former train station.

Woodbourne, former post office; former railroad station .

Woodhouse, former railroad station.

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