Township Incorporations, 1790 to 1853

Including Name Changes *

Date Erected


Erected From


The area that would become Susquehanna County was Tioga and Wyalusing Twps., Luzerne Co. [1]

Mar Session 1791


Northeast corner of Tioga Twp. (included present-day Harmony, Oakland, and Great Bend Twps.)

Aug 1795


Southeast parts of Wyalusing and Tioga Twps.

Jan Session 1798


Tioga Twp. (included present-day Liberty and most of Franklin Twps.)

1799 [2]


Wyalusing Twp. (also part of Tunkhannock Twp., Luzerne Co., but that portion never became a part of Susquehanna Co.; it remained with Luzerne when Susq. Co. was formed. Braintrim Twp. included present-day Auburn Twp.) [3]

Nov Session 1801


Tioga and Wyalusing Twps. [4] Also called Rindaw by some. (Included all of present-day Middletown, Choconut, and Apolacon Twps. and western parts of Jessup and Forest Lake Twps.)

Apr Session 1806


Nicholson Twp. (Included present-day Gibson and Herrick Twps. and the southern parts of Jessup and Forest Lake Twps.)

Nov 1806


Tunkhannock, Braintrim, Nicholson, and Rush Twps. (Included all of present-day Brooklyn, Lathrop, Springville, Silver Lake, and Dimock Twps.; eastern parts of Jessup and Forest Lake Twps.; and south part of Franklin Twp.)

Aug Session 1807

New Milford

Tioga Twp. (has changed very little)

Jan Session 1808


North part of Nicholson Twp. (and also known as "Nine Partners"; has changed very little)

1809 [5]


Willingborough and New Milford. (Included present-day Oakland, Jackson, and Thomson Twps. and north part of Ararat Twp.)


Susquehanna County was formed from Luzerne County, with the preceding 10 townships

27 Apr 1813

Silver Lake

North part of Bridgewater Twp.

Aug Session 1813


New name of Nicholson Twp. (with a small part of Harford Twp.)

24 Nov 1813


North part of Clifford Twp.

27 Apr 1813


Rush Twp.

Jan Session 1814


Rush Twp.

Apr Session 1814


South part of Bridgewater Twp.

Apr 1814


South part of Bridgewater Twp. (name changed to Hopbottom Twp. in 1823, to Brooklyn Twp. in 1825)

Apr Session 1814


New name of Braintrim Twp.

Nov Session 1813

Great bend

New name of Willingborough Twp.

Dec Session 1815


South part of Harmony Twp.



New name of Waterford Twp.



New name of Hopbottom Twp.

20 Apr 1825


Gibson and Clifford Twps.

Dec Session 1832


Springville Twp. and south part of Bridgewater Twp.

Apr Session 1833


Jackson Twp.

May Session 1835


South part of Lawsville Township and north part of Bridgewater Twp.

4 May 1836

Forest Lake

Bridgewater, Silver Lake, and Middletown Twps.

10 Sep 1836


New name of Lawsville Twp.

27 Apr 1846


South part of Bridgewater Twp.

27 Apr 1846


West part of Bridgewater Twp., east part of Rush Twp., and a small part of Middletown Twp.; it was later adjusted by the addition of 80 rods more from Rush Twp.

27 Nov 1846


Choconut Twp.

21 Aug 1852


Herrick, Thomson, and Gibson Twps.

3 Dec 1853


West part of Harmony Twp.

* This summary is based on the information in Emily Blackman's History of Susquehanna County, 1873, and original incorporation papers filed in the Court of Quarter Sessions, Susquehanna County. When Blackman's and the court document dates conflict, the court document dates are cited here.
  1. See map in Blackman, page 26, Fig. 3.
  2. Thus, to search the Susquehanna County area in the 1800 census, search Braintrim, Nicholson, Willingborough, and Lawsville Twps., Luzerne Co. But Note: Lawsville Twp. is not specified in the 1800 census as a township; and Susquehanna Co. people have been recorded in Tunkhannock Twp., Luzerne Co., in 1800.
  3. See map in Blackman, page 26, Fig. 3.
  4. That is, area 9 on Blackman's map, page 28, Fig. 5. Note: Nicholson and Willingborough, although not legally, but in actuality, comprised all of the west part of an area that was to become Susquehanna County and bounded each other (see Blackman, p. 28), although the "undesignated" area between Willingborough and Nicholson Twps. was technically Tioga Co.
  5. Thus, to search the Susquehanna Co. area in the 1810 census, search Willingborough, Nicholson, Lawsville, Braintrim, Rush, Clifford, Bridgewater, New Milford, Harford, and Harmony Twps., Luzerne Co. (See map in Blackman, p. 30, Fig. 7)


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